Protection For Covid-19

2020, was unexpected for everyone, the world was brought to its knees both in health and the economy from the Covid-19 virus that’s been going around. As with scientific data, and case studies this virus is extremely deadly especially to those with underlying health conditions. The virus itself can permanently damage your lungs, and with some more severe cases it can turn out even worse, death. And in such, we have taken the extra precautions while also enhancing our service to cover such scenarios. And now, we know a lot more ways to minimize the risk of getting the virus or spreading it. Standardizing the Washing of our hands, wearing masks, social distancing, sanitizing and  deep cleaning surfaces frequently.

Taking precautions at home is just as important as outside. Protecting our family and loved ones is the main priority. The virus has been proven that it can live on surfaces for long periods of time, such surfaces are but not limited to upholstery, carpets and rugs. But you’re probably wondering if cleaning the carpet yourself is enough, but the real question you should be asking is whether it will revitalize and renew your carpets at the microfiber level. Our Pro-star professionals carpet cleaners have enhanced their cleaning performance and will make sure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned in order to provide you and your family a peace of mind. Knowing that we care about you and your family’s safety and health.

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