Best Carpet Tip For Allergies

Allergens include dust, pollen, and other organisms will find their way into the house with every opportunity, even if you think it’s safe, after entering the house the gravity pulls them to the floor. Taking off your shoes before you step in or keeping your house clean, these allergens will be there. They will be trapped around the carpet fibers, reducing chances for them to circulate in the air, where you get a runny nose by breathing them in. Of course, there still will be a minimum amount of particles that go back into the air.

Nowadays, most rugs and carpets use fibers that are harmless materials, just like polyester and nylon. They use these materials mainly for clothing and bags nowadays. But with new technology that’s always advancing, carpet Labs have developed fibers that can repel allergens from these synthetic blends, since dust and allergens tend to be attracted to organic materials, this new synthetic blend will do the trick at keeping those nasty particles away. Nylon is considered the best carpet fiber for allergy control. We understand some individuals prefer wool due to the colder seasons. We highly recommend avoiding wool, since wool is fairly thick, allergens tend to get trapped then mold in the wool.

So what are the choices available, every household should invest in a vacuum that has a deep cleaning option available, however if your household is fairly busy, or if you’re concerned that you may lack the knowledge you can always hire a professional cleaner like Pro- star for Cleaning regularly or cleaning sessions that accommodate your schedule. Lastly, Investing in a ‘High Efficiency particulate air’ filter which traps allergens will also give you that extra layer of protection when dealing with allergens but make sure to clean them often if you have allergies or asthma in order to have a better environment free from these annoyances.

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