Make The Rugs Useful

Now, here are some tips on how to protect wooden floors with area rugs. We often spend thousands of dollars to upgrade our home. One such upgrade is hard wood floors, they’re both elegant but yet expensive and can be easily damaged, but overall it’ll give it a more modern furnish. But with that being said no one wants to damage hardwood, but it can happen even when you are extra careful. But one of the ways to protect your wooden floor from scratches and other damages is to put an area rug with your furniture and pet. It’s a stylish fashion as well to spice up the look of your wooden floor as well. 

The hallways or entryways are normally the high traffic areas where the wooden floors are more susceptible to wear and tears. However we have a solution, in the form of runner rugs. We can use the runner rugs in these areas to prevent scratches but prior to the application,  we would need to clean the floor prior to putting runner rugs on, the reason behind this is because there is a possibility that it may cause scratches from grinding on dirt or dust that’s been caught between your floor and the rugs.

We can also place oversized area rugs in large rooms. We specifically want to put it under your larger type of furniture like Dining tables, sofas and office desks to prevent scratches. Rugs also prevent disposer from direct sunlight to preserve its original color.

There are many different types of rugs with different properties, thus each installation must be carefully examined. Rugs with a rough backing are a prime example that can gradually scratch the wooden floors. We can provide a non-slip rug pad between your rug and the hardwood. It even feels nice to walk on top of it because of the extra cushioning underneath. However, We do not recommend using synthetic rubber pads for the installation. Although they are inexpensive, the toxins in the synthetic pad’s softening chemicals can eat away your hardwood faster. Which is an extra expenditure down the road.  You want to purchase a rug that’s organic, natural, and smooth for your wooden floors.

Lastly, we can provide a waterproof rug for your wooden floors to eliminate exposure to moisture. It can be a big problem, because it does not take too much moisture to turn your floors either staining or swelling. Make sure your rug does not have any color or dyes, we need to prevent the color from going through when dampened. Waterproof rug can be wool and synthetic fiber.

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